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Win for Womens Sport and Valuable Lesson in Life

Rousey vs Holm certainly lived up to all expectations, however, the great thing that was never mentioned once – it was women’s sport!

Who would have thought that in this sports mad city that there would be 2 women’s fights headline and attract 56,000 people at Etihad Stadium?

I understand UFC is not for everyone but as far as athletes laying it all on the line and putting their heart and soul into their profession, they cannot be questioned. Whilst Holm thoroughly deserved the outcome with the way she picked apart Rousey, the big winner on the day I feel was women’s sport. The big key for women’s sport will sometimes be the quality, but UFC 193 proved if the quality is there they can make the men look 2nd rate. Dana White should be congratulated for his foresight in knowing how huge this fight would be.

Rousey once again proved that with top line sport in todays environment just how hard it is to stay number 1. I’m sure when she looks back at everything with this fight there will be many things that added up to her suffering defeat, in fact it is quite easy to see why she was defeated.

Looking at the following factors you can see how the fight unfolded like it did for Ronda Rousey :

– Media commitments over the last 3-4 years
– Sponsors commitments
– Scrutiny by opponent

By no means would Rousey use it as an excuse but it’s amazing after the fact you analyse everything about your performance.

If she was to give herself a rating out of 10 in each area of how she prepared for the fight , I’m sure there were some 6/7’s instead of 9s and 10s.

Staying on top is in fact sometimes harder than getting there (Golf everyone doing gym workouts – Tiger Woods started it).

Like I said UFC isn’t for everyone but it was a great day for women’s sport and also another lesson in sport and life.

All the best in sport and business